Analissa Longoria

Analissa Longoria's photography has been inspired by growing up in East Vancouver. Some of the first images and memories that have influenced her work are from being a child and watching the punks that wandered around Main street like a wolf pack in the early 90's. Also, living by the busy intersection of Broadway and Commercial as a late teen, she watched the world of the underprivileged go by.. She was also exposed to the rawness of east Hastings up close from a young age, as the epidemic of the drug addicted and homeless surrounded her as she walked the streets everyday. These images were all major influences during her formative years. 


 Being raised in a melting pot neighborhood in the heart of the city, where you are allowed to be anything you want, and it was full of the eccentrics, the artists, the unconventional and the fringe; these are all subjects she is now moved to capture.